Chiropractic Care for children and babies

Chiropractic Care for children and babies

Choosing care for your children

As a parent you have a burning desire to protect your child and to give him, or her, the best possible start in life. The questions we ask ourselves are endless, we second guess every decision we make and no matter what we decide we seem to end up feeling guilty!

The list of dos and don’ts for new parents goes on and on until we’re exhausted – but there’s one thing that brings a huge benefit, carries no guilt and gives your baby a great start in life that you may not even have considered; early chiropractic care.

A growing trend
What I’m about to tell you is that you can avoid a huge number of the common ailments that plague children and worry parents, simply by visiting a chiropractor for a gentle, therapeutic and enjoyable treatment session soon after birth.

This is my passion and I’m delighted to see that it’s growing in popularity. There are so many benefits to chiropractic care for infants that I want to shout them from the rooftops and do away with the common misconception that chiropractors are for later life, when we’re in pain or injured. Why leave it until problems have become established? Early intervention can prevent problems from developing in the first place!

Benefits of infant chiropractic care
Spinal stress experienced at birth causes tension on the central nervous system (the nerves that run through the spine and connect to the brain). Babies with even minor misalignments can experience disrupted nerve signals leading to a whole host of childhood problems and developmental delays that we view as ‘normal’ – ear infections, sore throats, coughs, colds and headaches, clumsiness, motor delays etc. The good news is that chiropractic treatment, through gentle spinal realignment and cranial therapy, can make your baby significantly more comfortable and significantly less likely to suffer from these ‘normal’ but unpleasant complications.

Birth trauma
Even the most straightforward birth is stressful for a baby; add in the possibility of a C-Section, venthouse delivery or forceps and you have a little body that has already undergone a significant and exhausting trauma. Sometimes a cranial trauma is obvious to see – the baby is born with a misshapen head – but often there are spinal or cranial restrictions that can’t be seen but may still have detrimental effects.

There are some common signs that your baby is suffering discomfort but these are often overlooked as normal ‘fussy’ behaviours:

  • The Infant suckles well from one breast, but not the other.
  • The infant suckles briefly and then appears to sleep before taking a full feed.
  • The suck is either unusually weak or painfully (for the mother) strong.
  • Coughing or choking is apparent whilst feeding.
  • The infant naturally holds his, or her, head to one side.
  • The infant is unsettled and dislikes being put down onto his, or her, back.
  • The infant does not sleep well and frequently wakes/cries for no obvious reason.

All of these signs are possible symptoms of stress on the nervous system. When you bring your baby to see me at Mutley Chiropractic clinic we’ll work together to identify any problems and gently correct them leaving your little one comfortable, relaxed and stress free. I am also a qualified latch-on councillor so if you need help I can offer you advice on breastfeeding that will help to keep both you and your baby healthy and happy.

Is chiropractic care for babies safe?
Your baby is the most precious thing in the world and your anxiety is understandable.  There is extensive research to prove that chiropractic for babies is safe, effective and beneficial – and in most cases the baby really enjoys the physical contact. The process is similar to the treatment of an adult but with substantially less pressure and much more emphasis on soft tissue work.

If you have any concerns I’m more than happy to chat and answer your questions before you make your decision. I’d love to meet you and your baby and we can progress at a pace that you’re comfortable with, there’s no pressure. You can also browse my website and find some lovely reassuring testimonials/reviews from parents who have been through the process and enjoyed the many benefits.

If you do decide to make an appointment I promise to talk you through every step of the adjustment and/or cranial therapy, which will be done with baby lying on you for familiarity and comfort. I’ll also demonstrate on your arm or leg how much pressure is required. You’ll be really surprised by how gentle the process is – for your baby it’s a simple, relaxing massage that will help to ensure healthy, happy development.